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Book One - Mona Lisa's Beard
Mona Lisa's Beard Book CoverThe first book in the series follows the friends as they find out that their next school trip is to be to the beautiful city of Paris.

After having a few problems with his alarm and just making it to the coach in time, Poots is then a little disappointed with his first trip overseas. He manages to pick up two detentions and get stuck in the toilet on the flight over to Paris. Once there, he manages to pick up further detentions for an unfortunate snail incident during the class introduction to French cuisine.

The highlight of the trip is to be a visit to the Louvre Gallery on the final day. On hearing that Leonardo Da Vinci had not finished his painting called the Mona Lisa, Poots decides he should help the artist and add his own personal touch.

Classic Poots, and a great introduction to the Snow Falls gang and their hometown of Chillville.

Click the link below to download the first chapter (pdf).
Mona Lisa's Beard - Chapter 1
Book Two - The Golden Staff of The Pharaohs
Golden Staff of The Pharaohs Book CoverDuring a school talk on the Pharaohs of ancient Egypt, by Professor Slobbering of the South Pole Museum, Poots casually mentions to Punk that he has a golden staff that once belonged to a Pharaoh. He explains that it had been sent to him by an archaeologist uncle working in Egypt, who feared somebody was planning to steal it. After the obvious initial scepticism of Punk and the gang, Poots amazes them by producing the staff.

The friends then inadvertently discover that the staff holds powers that had remained secret for over two millenia. With some detective work and by using the powers of the staff, the friends travel to Egypt, find Poots’ uncle and help him discover the final resting place of Alexander the Great.

Just to finish off the weekend, they also capture a dangerous criminal who would stop at nothing to possess the staff.

A thrilling conclusion to a magical Snow Falls gang adventure.

Click the link below to download the first chapter (pdf).
The Golden Staff Of The Pharaohs - Chapter 1
Book Three - The Cutthroat Diamond

The third book in the series begins with a stranger causing a stir at the Snow Falls Elementary School. Even though the newcomer looks very different to the rest of the class, wears his glasses and scarf all the time and carries round a backpack full of worms, Mole is invited to become a member of the exclusive Snow Falls gang.

Whilst on his way to school with Barney and Billie, Mole is told about the pirate legend behind the naming of Cutthroat Cut through. Mole thinks he finds treasure marked out with sticks in the sign of an X, but all that he digs up is an odd looking rock.

Whilst kissing this stone for good luck at a Chillville Chiefs ice hockey game, the gang attract the attention of a tall strange looking man dressed from head to foot in black who calls himself the Count, and his associate, an evil looking dog named scar.

After this strange encounter, the gang get the feeling that they are being followed by the Count and Scar. But when Moles backpack disappears, and his home is broken into, the friends realize that this may not be an ordinary stone, and they may just be in the middle of yet another adventure.

They must somehow defeat their new nemesis and return the stone to its rightful owner, but when they unexpectedly get their chance at Great Greenway Manor, they need to act fast.

Using a combination of Punks genius, Moles quick thinking and Poots lucky accident, they just might pull it off!

Another exciting and fun filled conclusion to a Snow Falls gang adventure.
Click the link below to download the first chapter (pdf).
The Cutthroat Diamond - Chapter 1